Ensures Social Distancing In Any Space

The solution to ensure freedom of movement in common spaces, keeping the safety distance between people.

Public Safe Spaces thanks to AI

Social distance solution that guarantees safety

Security Distance is a solution that guarantees the safety of customers in closed spaces.

Since the COVID19 virus appeared, our lifestyles have changed. However, we all want to have a normal life guaranteeing health protocols that help us move freely while maintaining distances.

Security Distance borns to respond to a need: To guarantee everyone’s health in spaces where the safety distance is not always guaranteed.

Stay as close to your customers as ever with all the safety guarantees.

With Security Distance you are able to offer the usual experience customers get in your business, just as they have always done, without having to worry about anything else. Our system based on artificial intelligence ensures your space is a safe place for all users.

Create an unnoticed safe space

Respect health regulations without changing the experience of your customers

How it benefits you

What advantages does it have

Rapid deployment

Security Distance does not require a complex technical installation to start up.

Operating efficiency

Continuous analysis of people position and movements, warning if safety distances are not maintained.

Useful and intuitive

One of its main features is its ease of use. We guarantee you all its features are controlled in a short time.

Marketing analytics

Knowing the movements of your customers will allow you to make the right decisions aimed at improving your business results.

Custom solution

We adapt Security Distance to your environment so that you will get a 100% tailor-made solution.

High standard maintenance

We do care that our product is always working at its full capacity, for the welfare of your clients and your project.

The same experience with greater security

Your customers will continue enjoying everything your business offers, with complete peace of mind knowing that you care about their well-being.

Safer Spaces

What do we do?

Social Distancing

We make sure the safe distance between users marked by health authorities is met.

Access control

The system automatically collects the entrance of people detecting if they are wearing masks.

Indoor capacity

We take control measures to guarantee there are no more people than allowed in your business/store.

Security Distance is Security Efficiency Future

The process

How the safe distancing system works

Security Distance ensures safety in public and private spaces through a simple 4-step process

1. Entry into the location/room

Our system detects the entrance of any individual and identifies whether or not they are wearing a mask thanks to the use of specific cameras which are installed throughout the premises for this purpose

2. Anonymous tagging

The system labels each person with a unique identifier, according to the regulations established in the GDPR.

3. Movements analysis

Once the person has been tagged, data concerning its room movement will be constantly extracted, continuously measuring that the distance radius established as appropriate in that space is respected.

4. Warning!

If the person exceeds the established safety distance, the vision system will instantly notify the security manager, the store manager and/or the person exceeding the distance. These warnings can be automated with a paging announcement, for example.

Not sure if this solution suits you?

We adapt our technology to your needs, regardless of your company or sector.

Who is Security Distance intended for

Sectoral Applications

Security Distance is a versatile solution applicable to any environment where it is necessary to control the safety distance between people. 

The sectors that are already using the Safe Distance System.

Stores And Retail

Stores And Retail

Stores in the retail and fashion sector are seeing their physical flow pattern affected. Both store staff and employees, as well as customers, risk exposing their health if precautionary measures are not respected. ​
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Hypermarkets And Great Consumption

Hypermarkets And Great Consumption

To be able to make the purchase safely. Ensuring that the capacity does not exceed the allowed and that, above all, the safety distances between people are respected, is an added bonus on any surface of the hypermarket.
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The Shopping Centers are places of great influx of public that, in addition, have shared common spaces. Strolling through them with security guarantees and avoiding contacts and contagions is the main concern of visitors.
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Gyms And Sports Centers

Gyms And Sports Centers

Playing sports in open and closed environments with prevention protocols and constant monitoring of movements between people is presented as the greatest challenge that the sports sector has to face.
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About us

Solution developed by Datision

Datision is a spin-off founded by the union of the GDE I + D + i and researchers from the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics, specialized in management and development of R&D projects.

Datision has a team of professionals that has been developing solutions for more than 15 years to contribute to the Digital Transformation of companies thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Take care of your customers with a tailored solution

Security Distance adapts to the particularities of your business so that you get the most out of it

What do you need to get started

What do you need to install a safe distancing system?

One of the main advantages of Security Distance is that it does not require a large infrastructure.

We adapt our technology to your environment.


How to make your establishment a safer place.

The Initial Social Distance Kit consists of a mask recognition camera + a camera to measure the distance between people.

You have everything you need for installation and configuration of the system. We make sure that from the first moment your business complies with the regulations of social distancing and is a safer place.

Throughout the installation and configuration process you will have the help of our technical team who will guide and assist you in the process.

Initial Configuration Process

These are the steps we follow so that your social distancing detection system begins to work.

Decide the location of the cameras, to cover the maximum possible space and installation of the same.

Configuration of the internet connection, and access to the “Secure Distance” platform with the username and password provided.

Remote calibration by our technical team, with the collaboration of the installer.

Everything ready to make your environment safer and more suitable for health protocols!

Ready To Make Your Business A Safer Place?

Let us know!

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